Judge and Gavel

It is critical that our judges are beyond reproach, above the politics and appropriately experienced.

Judge John Kolesar has served in Sandusky County Court for the past 11 years and possesses the breadth and depth of relevant experience we need and deserve on the Court of Common Pleas. 
His skill and experience make him the ideal choice November 3rd.

“Having served as judge, I know that doing justice is not just about making well-reasoned, legally sound decisions, but requires the insight and vision to build respect for the rule of law, protect due process and ensure the safety of our community. Having previously served as a prosecutor, public defender and private practice attorney, I have experienced cases from every perspective and understand not only how to the apply the law but how it may  impact those who come before the court.”

Courtroom Chairs

About Judge Kolesar

Along with more than a decade of experience as judge, John Kolesar worked hard as a prosecutor for 10 years, holding criminals accountable. Prior to that, he served as a public defender, ensuring fair representation for those accused of crimes. He also served as an attorney in private practice balancing the needs of people in his community.


His wide range of relevant experience makes sure people are heard, rights are protected, and offenders are held accountable for their crimes.  That’s what keeps communities safe.

Judge Kolesar successfully argued cases in front of the Ohio Supreme Court and several District Courts of Appeals. He has prosecuted and defended serious felony matters and won on both sides.

As a judge for the last decade, he served as the administrative judge for the County Court making him responsible for the day-to-day operations and budget of the court, in addition to hearing cases.  He established a docket to handle the collection of delinquent fines and costs in his first year on the bench  that resulted in more the recoupment of more than $100,000 of funds owed to the court. 

Judge Kolesar the only judge in the county with a specialized docket. He established his first, OVI Court in 2010 and Drug Court in 2014. These specialized dockets ensure that people who suffer from substance use disorder who have committed criminal offenses are not just held accountable for their actions, but also receive the treatment they need to return to the right path. The last phase of the process includes encouraging participants to engage in their community to help others who are working toward recovery.  This is the type of proactive work that someone with his experience and background has brought to our county and will continue to provide to our community. 

There is no substitute for his experience as a judge, prosecutor, public defender and attorney in private practice. Judge John Kolesar has the practical knowledge and skill that ensures justice and protects public safety.

Endorsed by: U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown, Clyde Police Chief Monti Campbell, Green Springs Police Chief Charlie Horne, Cement Masons & Plasterers Local 886, Plumbers & Steamfitters Local 50, Iron Workers Local 55, Insulators Local 45.

Volunteer Professional and Community Service

Ohio Supreme Court Commission on Specialized Dockets, Columbus, Ohio

Municipal Drug Court Docket Judge seat, 2015-present


Ohio Judicial Conference, Columbus, Ohio

Traffic Law and Policy Committee

Specialized Dockets Committee

Ohio Justice Alliance for Community Corrections, Pataskala, Ohio

Trustee representing Ohio Association of Municipal/County Judges of Ohio

Sandusky County Bar Association, Fremont, Ohio

Member since 2001, Past President

Sandusky County Community Corrections Board, Fremont, Ohio

Voting Member, Municipal Court Judge seat

Sandusky County Council for Persons with Developmental Disabilities, Fremont, Ohio 

Board of Directors - since 2003, Former President

American Red Cross – Sandusky River Chapter, Fremont, Ohio

Board of Directors 2005-2011, Chair 2009-2011


Exchange Club – Clyde Chapter, Clyde, Ohio

Member 2009-2012